Kampong Sawa

Kampong Sawa

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Anticipating transition

This thesis is a continuation of the work of the students who conducted master thesis research in Mariënburg, Suriname in 2016-2017. It takes a closer look at one particular housing cluster in Mariënburg: Sawa.

After an exhaustive data collection with a comprehensive spatial analysis, a detailed plan was drawn up and later used as a research tool. The gathered knowledge led to some concrete proposals for a positive evolution of the district. Speculative designs form the basis of the research, the existing forms the inspiration for forming a vision for Sawa.

Three specific places with growth potential are elaborated; the space around the canal between the Tapanahony and the Corantijnweg, the junction of the Hoofdweg and the Corantijnweg and the Tapanhonyweg with its many green empty spaces. The focus of the design proposals is mainly on collective use of the outdoor space, facilitating informal paths and reformulating clear ownership structures.

  • Authors:
    • Adriana Smets
    • Dieuwke Cappaert
    • Aline De Bruyne

    • Johan De Walsche (Promotor)
    • Fille Hanjoul (Co-promotor)
    • Hans Martinus (Co-promotor)
    • Marciano Dasai (Co-promotor)
    • Angelika Namdar (Co-promotor)
  • Period:
    • 2017 — 2018  

    • Architecture

    • Master thesis

    • Anton De Kom Universiteit van Suriname