The socio-spatial revitalisation of the Central Market in Paramaribo.

The socio-spatial revitalisation of the Central Market in Paramaribo.

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Design-driven research of possible renewal proposals for the public space of the central market

The Central Market is an important part of the urban life in Paramaribo and is a component of the public space in the historic inner city. It’s no secret that the vibrancy of the inner city is under threat. Anyway, the Central Market seems less capable of fulfilling its market function. The research attempts to find out why the attraction of the market is declining from the perspective of public space. Therefore a social-spatial analysis will be conducted that will shine its light on the public & social space of the market. The declining attraction will be explained by identifying physical and psychological barriers in the public & social space. Making use of research by design, possible design proposals will be reviewed by stall keepers and visitors. Finally, a revitalisation strategy will be suggested on the basis of the detected barriers, needs and chances. The aim is to strengthen the attraction of the market to a broader diversification of social groups.

  • Authors:
    • Dries De Jongh

    • Marleen Goethals (Promotor)
    • Thomas Vanoutrive (Promotor)
    • Marciano Dasai (Promotor)
  • Period:
    • 2022 — 2023  

    • Urbanism & Spatial Planning

    • Master thesis

    • Anton De Kom Universiteit van Suriname